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Great George
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picture of cathedralThe Ringing of Great George: Liverpool
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, 6 Cathedral Close
Liverpool Cathedral
L1 7BR
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Great George is usually rung three times a year and on special occaisions:

Great George, A 14 tonne Bourdon bell located in the tower of the Anglican Cathedral is rung 3 times per year and on special occasions. On Christmas day it is rung at the end of the ringing of the regular bells usually around 10.30am. It is recommended to be there at 10.15 :Check before travelling.
Free Event

The Cathedral Church of Christ, Liverpool, contains the heaviest and highest ringing peal of bells in the world. They were cast by The Whitechapel Bell Foundry in the 1930's. The tenor weighs 82-0-11 ( just over 4 tons, or 4100kgs.) and is in the note of A flat. They are hung in a radial reinforced concrete frame, the only one of its kind. The ring includes a sharp 2nd. In the centre of the ring is the bourbon bell, Great George. This was cast by John Taylor and Son's Ltd, weighs 295 cwt., and is the second heaviest bell in Great Britain. It is rung by a counter weighted clapper and is sounded on special occasions.

great george ringers

The ringing of Great George was also the annual general meeting of the Listening Room from 1991 to 1997. Great George is usually the only item on the LR AGM, during the ringing of Great George the Curators of the Listening Room, Phil Morton and Roger Parry receive special parcels of information in binary code from the bell, via their ears and the shaking of the body, which are the instructions and the programme for the year to come.
No minutes are taken or required.

The deposition: consists of being there, listening, and taking it all in!






John Taylor (Bellfounders) Ltd makers of The Great George Bourbon Bell : Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
Whitechapel Foundry .makers of the peal of Cathedral Bells: Serious noise makers for 400 years

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October 20, 2011
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