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Moved to Speak
Live Depositions # 3
Performance piece for musicians and attendees

Moved To Speak is a performance that emulates a Quaker meeting but will not constitute an act of worship.  Quakers conduct both worship and business meetings in the same manner.  Those present sit in an expectant silence except when they feel moved to speak.  The presumption is that the spirit has moved one to give ministry.  The speaker will speak from the heart, and those listening will listen with an open heart, but need not revere the contents or message.  Any person present may speak on any subject matter.   Only one person speaks at a time, and any response offered would be given only after prayerful consideration.  For practical reasons a speaker usually stands to speak.  Quaker meetings for worship that I have attended often involve long periods of silence with relatively brief periods of speech.  Occasionally no one speaks at all.

Live Deposition # 3  - Moved To Speak – has X number of musicians in a place, for a period of one hour. During this period they are invited to play for a short period of time as and when they are moved to do so. No definition is give to the word “short”…. When they play however they are requested to stand, and to sit when they have finished their contribution. As in the title they Move to Speak. Thus it is presumed the piece will consist of long periods when no musician is playing. However there will be other sounds to listen to. The piece finishes when the person responsible for the running of the meeting rises and shakes the hand of a neighbour. This will happen after approximately 1 hour.

This piece maybe performed at any locale, time etc but was written with The Friends Meeting House, 65 Paradise Street, Liverpool in mind. The meeting house is no longer with us physically but there is a new meeting house in School Lane L1 3BX. Liverpool is privileged to have this meeting space as it was designed with speaking and listening equally in mind, and has many features to enhance this Deposition.

In Brief: Moved To Speak
A piece for six to eight musician,: Duration 1 hour : Instruction, to remain silent and to play briefly, when moved to speak, to play in any manner, for any duration as determined at the time: Piece ends after one hour approximate with the shaking of hands by those present.

Sub note: although this is a sonic deposition for musicians, it is possible that any member of the audience may speak and vocalise in any manner they deem appropriate. Although this is not part of the score it may happen if they too are moved to speak , and because there is nothing to stop them.

Move To Speak  © Phil Morton
Amended Julia Cadman 15 /08/0

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