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Walk On : Deposition

Workshop and Performance Piece.
Improvised music with movement and distractions.
Conceived by Phil Morton 2002

wALK oN - WAS Initially conceived as a workshop piece following comments by workshop leader Ronald Grimes concerning the need to stop participants thinking. One of his suggestions was to have workshop participants walking within the space. Its has echoes as a suggestion to eradicate the mind-body split. In improvised music - you can think what you want - I wander (whilst seated) around from paying attention to not paying attention, from listening to not listening, from knowing to not knowing ETC what is happening. Certainly (me) thinking about what is happening during an "improvised music" piece can be unhelpful. 

So the pitch is, have the musicians walking around the venue whilst playing, doing somthing else, whilst involved in an improvised music piece. You can get lost in music whilst you walk and walk and walk, but in the interests of physical safety it maybe advisable to "watch your step" at the same/very same time you interact with the music. 

We can move away from the origins of this train of thought, and settle with the earpact, that the sounds are allways in motion, rotating for the musician and the listener, presenting us with a different ecology than the normal static stance of musicians as performers.Tiredness and fatigue can also add interesting nuances to this workshop/performance piece as it effects the musicians.

Of course one of the major problems in this piece is knowing how to walk. The ability to walk is essential, knowing how to walk is not.

Time: Sessions to take place post Christmas during 2002. If interested please contact me ASAP,

Ronald Grimes : at
and R Grimes/ Gary Snyder - performance is currency in the deep world gift economy
Rebecca Solnit, The History of Walking.

More info from time to time at
contact Phil Morton 0151 280 9628
mail. PO Box 36, Wavertree, Liverpool L15 9JD

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