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WYHIWYG : Deposition Number Six

WYHIWYG– what you hear is what you get –
deposition # 6 for musicians; audience; minidisk & large tent.

WYHIWYG; places the audience in a large tent in the auditorium whilst unseen outside the tent several musicians perform a series of pieces; improvisations; depositions and impositions interspersed with playbacks of pre-recorded material. The different pieces within WYHIWYG are segued to provide the effect of one continuous piece.

Previously called “Carry on camping” and world premiered at the Listening Room, the performance includes pre-recorded sequences that reflect activities and sound adventures of the previous year. The pre-recorded sequences may feature ; environmental field recordings, soundscapes; and general land & sound mark events.

The inclusion of field is to be expected in the time we now live, but excerpts from Frakture performances may also be included, and thus explore the differences between live performance and recorded playback.

The feature of the Tent, removes visual clues and information for the audience. Camping itself, the process of being in a an enclosed space of the "tent" is an interesting opportunity to live in an acoustic world.

Whilst in a tent, especially small tents, I {speaking for myself} become aware of acoustic qualities of the place and the pram 200 yards away suddenly seems just outside the tent. This focus can develop into a post Murray Schaffer workshop game, name that sound etc it also plays around with a phenomenological interpretations of how we receive a place into our experience. WYHIWYG, therefore becomes a phenomenal, phenomenological joke.

In performance, for the performers they now have no direct (visual) knowledge of the audience numbers and its characteristics, thus freeing them of formal performance etiquette and good manners.

Inside the tent several visual installations maybe placed to entertain the audience when they are not listening to the deposition.

Whether you are local or global, Phil Morton is available to deliver this package and associated workshop programmers,

For the Frakture festival 2002 October 5 2002
& Listening Room June 11 1999

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