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The Snip Ensemble: Perform deposition nos 7 by Eric Wilson

The Snip Ensemble perform : Snip, for four musicians, scissors, amplified textures & slate

Adam Webster, scissors, extended scissors, vocals, air
Peter Jones, scissors, prepared scissors, vocals, air
Phil Morton, scissors, vocals, Italian Granite, tubes - external and internal , straws
Robin Hartwell , scissors, vocals, Kensington Slate and chocks away

Eric Wilson, the source
Sound engineer : Cormac Gould.
Site. The Cornerstone, Hope at Everton
Date, is in my diary, 2013

Phil Morton writes,

Great spirits all round! the generosity of Eric Wilson, who despite the distraction of the New York, passed this great piece to the home of sound & music, Liverpool! and the Snip Ensemble! We were honoured to deliver the world premier of "Snip" in 2011 at's "acoute" night if you missed that performance, here is a studio recording. HEADPHONES RECCOMMENDED.

Many thanks to Robin Hartwell and Cormac Gould.for the arrangements made.
This piece is so hot of the press, we forgot to snip the intro and outro, be warned!

This piece, the Snip Ensemble are now available for Festivals, residencies, deep surgeries and advanced workshops

This audio maybe slow in loading, a little patience, start very quiet too.


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performance forged in the air that it moves