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Forgotten people


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Bonehouse Cracked: 5 tracks

Cracked Front CoverThe President is correct!
Listen...No you listen
Time line - One hour

Phil Lucking, valves, reed & water
Phil Morton accidents & treatments
Phil Ogg, voice track on cracked, re mixed live.


Timelines. Phil Morton and Phil Hargreaves formed the duo Bonehouse in 1992. 1997 Bonehouse launched Frakture, and became the resident house band. 1998 the CD Click was released. In 2000 Phil Lucking replaced Phil Hargreaves, and this new line up enjoyed a successful trip to Nozart4 Festival Koln, Germany. In 2012 both musicians are regular performers on the northern England improv scene, and still perform as Bonehouse.

1) 31/03/2000; Nozart Festival Koln Germany
2-4) Saturday 1st April 2006: Frakture Splash #8. 52a Roscoe Street Liverpool
5) Listening Room in the Neptune Room: The Bluecoat 24/01/2003

Nerve technologies issue #3
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Mastering: Clint Wise @ Nightshift Mastering Studio

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