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Forgotten people


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To date Nerve technologies only has one CD in its catalogue, during 2007 more material will be made avilable both here within this site and via the Frakture website.

Nerve Technologies: CD Releases:

  1. Click : Bonehouse
    • ref nerve 001 Price £7.50
  2. Forgotten People:
    • ref nerve 02, Single rack: not for sale
    • a one copy issue of the piece "Forgoten People" for the Susan Fitch and here work entitled "Forgotten People". A memorial to people who die without next of kin or friends and are "buried" by the local council
  3. Swung Dash:
    • ref: swung dash 001 [not a nerve technologies release]
    • £7.50
  4. Cracked : Bonehouse, more info



last updated: March 25, 2013

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