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Welcome indeed,
This is the first upload of Praxis : Network
For now it will be messy,
Praxis : Network Its aim is to creat a network of individuals who welcome & embrace management thinking and manement tools in journey that delivers creative works. The aims include, to flatten the hierarchy, or to make the democracy horizontal [pick and choose your images] are presented here not just because they maybe the currency of the moment but because they match the content of the output.

In my experience the practice and nature of Free Improvisation in music is by twists and turns, simple, inclusive, interactive and then obversely, on the other side of the coin, alienating, exclusive and complex. To quote the artist Maggie Nicols, "the challenge of simplicity" comes to my mind, but this time I apply it to management, the basic rules, teaching, are simple and helpful; and for me management should be explicit and structured, but this has not been my expereince. To my surprise, in the society in move in, informal and unstructured methods are the "order of the day" .

Now, 35 years after reading Jo Freeman's, the tyranny of structurelessness, Praxis : Phil Morton, represents my first attempt to distance myself from "lets make it as we go along" - thinking style, the myth that formal structures can only deliver formal hierarchies that are alienating, "clogs up our cogs" and inspiration. There is no evidence to support this.
So Praxis : network represents my attempt to "walk the talk" and escape the tyranny of structurelessness
The remains, talk, and just that?

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