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Another first draft, and a bit messy and repeats other documents.
In trying to open the subject Praxis : network, I do try to avoid the being bitter approach, those of you who know me, will be familiar with the statement "the herding of cats" that is downside of my collaborations, and indeed how most activities will remain.
Praxis : network seeks out to discover that oranges are not the only fruit, indeed we can think different and act different too.
So this is an isolated thread, and a journey to undiscovered place.

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Praxis Network

Short Story.
Is being launched by Phil Morton, to contact and engage with administrators/artists to deliver creative events; to register and recognise and the need for management thinking and management tools to deliver creative projects.

Embedded in society at large, and from the mouths of David Cameron, to the vegan anarchist, and the creative artist, I have been told and exposed to the notion that management thinking and management tools are not productive but the molasses that “clogs our cogs”; the red tape that binds us all; the block, the obstacle to the free expression of the free; thus there is no need for a responsive management, we just need to get on with it.

Phil Morton’s experience is that, the alternative to management thinking and management tools – “this lets make it up as we go along” route is a dead end, Alternatively I have used and applied the basic principles of management, principles others have shared with me and taught me and found they work, and they are creative, and they are fun.

A small dose of being bitter.
It would appear I am in the wrong place at the wrong time.
It remains a surprise the backlash I experience, if I infer we have to learn to work together and structure the work and the thinking.

Moving on.
The good news is: The Internet.
It is easier to contact. To network.
Web applications can support better practice, efficient practice, often for free.

The Targets.
My targets are, The nature and practice of free improvisation & acoustic ecology. They are two of the engines or drivers to my work, thoughts and projects
The geography is local to European.
Paid to unpaid.
Tiny moments to extended weekends and installations.

Twelve years hands on experience in workers cooperative.
Key text: The tyranny of structurelessness. Jo Freeman.
Recent books: Bad thoughts, a guide to clear thinking. Jamie Whyte; Towards Emotional Literacy, Suzie Orbach; Distant books, Edward de Bono.
Most management books have the basics, maybe start local to Liverpool – David Parish.

Summing up:
Praxis, is an attitude.
A management method that embodies its content, creative, open, transparent and accountable. Is explicit and structured.
Praxis, is a trip to undiscovered places.

Praxis : Phil Morton
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