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Aug 25th 2014

The Listening Room | Sonic Gaze | Manchester

Monday 25th August, 1.00 start 1.5 - 2 hours approx
Venue: Meet by pebble sculpture
The Bridgewater Hall,
Lower Mosley St,
Manchester M2 3WS.

The Sonic Gaze, led by sound ecologist Phil Morton
Route design Mike Johnson

When was the last time you went somewhere just to hear the sounds there?
Whether experienced as a private meditation or as collective silence SOUNDWALKS refresh your ears and reset your sensual awareness to where you are, live or work………

A soundwalk is a practice: it is walking without talking, focussing on the sound around, focussing on being there rather than talking about it.

The soundwalk usually consists of 3 x 20 minutes sessions at a slow pace with light intermissions to share thoughts and reflections and then move on.

avoid bringing noisy bags and clothing,
All welcome.

Phil Morton has 30 years experience in the nature and practice of free improvisation. Pauline Oliveros, Maggie Nicols, Phil Minton, Simon H. Fell, Carlos Zingaro are a few important artists he has worked with.

In 1998 the work of Murray R Schaffer and the concept of acoustic ecology came to Phils attention and broadened his interest beyond the boundaries of music and into sound. The act of listening itself now became a key feature of his work and interests. Phil Morton has made presentations at two conferences; designed and led listening-projects; and as a musician he has worked nationally and internationally. He has been leading and designing sound walks since 1998 through the Listening Room programme in Liverpool and the North West.

Mike Johnston, Being the youngest of five Mike Johnson got used to listening from an early age. Having studied Ecology, met Phil Morton and dabbling in Buddhist meditation, an interest acoustic environment was an inevitability. Mike has enjoyed Acoustic Ecology for many years; mainly due to it's low cost and easy availability. Among the highlights must be: the hoisting of pairs of scaffolding poles to the top of the Metropolitan Cathedral and the amazing quiet to be found, in places, the middle of the city, plus this sound walk. Mike hopes you will enjoy the variety of sounds available as much as he does and hopes you can come along.

Previous Listening Room soundwalk commissions include:
The Liverpool Biennial, Sonic Gaze 2005
Liverpool Hope University - Sound relay project.

The Long Walk, Liverpool, for More Music 2007

The Listening Room

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Phil Morton mob 07999518582

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Supported and funded by Phil Morton and Mike Johnstons’ voluntary time.


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