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Aug 25th 2014



What Happens Next: after the soundwalk?

Here are some links and ideas regarding our Soundwalks and "what happens next"

  • Self Study
    • Read anything by R. Murray Schafer
      A sound education is a good start.
    • book images
  • Keep an audio soundscape diary...
      • What's this? : find a location, any location and spend a length of time writing down what you can hear; the details will be endless, your vocabalry will be stretched (ps try inventing new words, e.g. instead of clang you may invent "clumst"). What you doing is writing down, noting and recording the "Soundscape" and starting the process of "ear cleaning" .
  • Phil Morton's Soundwalks mailinglist
    • This mailing list is managed by the Frakture organisation. For soundwalks just add your details and tick the soundwalk box, the other options are up to you...Get on this list and be informed of soundwalks as and when they arrive..
  • Links
    • The World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE), [link]
    • Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology On-line preence
    • Phonograhy {Link}
  • Artists
    • Pauline Oliveros [link]
    • Hildegard Westerkamp [link]
    • Victoria Fenner, How to do a Soundwalks [Link]
    • Andra McCartney [link]
    • Peter Cusack [link]
  • Forums & Egroups
    • Phonography [link]
    • Soundscape UK [link]
    • Phil Morton Soundwalk mailing list @ Go to the frakture mailing list form, complete as appropriate and tick the box for soundwalks..[Link]
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