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The Listening Room Presents: Click:

A workshop, a closed performance, a heuristic exploration of free improvisation in music, in a small group setting focussing on duos.

Click "workshop" sessions are a series of duos, trios and 1 quartet.
Minimum number of musicians present, 3 – maximum 6.
Attenders pre-book, this is not a turn up and play session. pre-booking is required.
Fee is 2 uk pounds
Duration 2 hours.
Timeline: To start early 2013, frequency to be confirmed.

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This is what is proposed to happen in a "click workshop" session.
The musicians present, play duets.
The cycle delivers all the permutations possible in the room at the time.
The duets are to lasts between 4 – 10 minutes.
If time allows the cycle may repeat twice.

After each duet, there is an exchange of responses or feedback from the listeners
(that is the other musicians in the room) and the performers, taking care to avoid a tone of disparagement.

After duets the musicians present may explore the trio permutations present in the room. The session may complete with all musicians present playing together for one piece.

The musical style or genre is, free improvisation.
Proposed location: LIC Studio or TILT Mello Mello.
Fee: min of £2.00

Other Comments:
This is not a directed “workshop”; the musicians are not given tasks to do.
The musicians present focus on playing free improvised music.
The atmosphere is that of small group playing, with attentive listening from those
musicians present, giving witness to those playing. The tone of the feedback, will try to be that of mutual support and development and avoiding critical, negative disparagement.

The focus on duos is a challenge. In the early days of free improvisation the duo was a key format. If acoustically performed, the duos in Click sessions are a useful tool for musical development of free improvisational skills, within a heuristic, non-formal set up. The feedback element could unlock attitudes and opinions in a network when sometimes everyone is as happy as a clam, and develop tools to unlock the mysteries of the form, that is free improvisation in music

The Proposed venue is LIC Studio, Liverpool Improvisers Collective
The Bluecoat, Liverpool L1 3BX
Tone: is more acoustic, try to avoid noisy guitar amps. Small amps okay to bring.
Acoustically this is a bright, loud space to work in.

To register an interest in Click:
Contact Phil Morton 07999518582.
Click is delivered by The Listening Room:
managed by click:praxis


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