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The Jigsaw*: Open call

The Jigsaw: an event that brings together in one event a multi-disciplinary, cross platform performance with free improvisation as its starting position, but moving on scores or compositions may be considered too.

Frequency: 1 concert per year, maybe 2
Rehearsal and closed sessions, may occur as and when requested.
Curated by Phil Morton’s Listening Room. Or the network list.
Administration: Phil Morton’s Praxis: Jigsaw
Host promoter. The Listening Room or as decided.
Location. Liverpool, Manchester & The North West.

A typical event therefore may include, sound, movement, text, light and video.

The Listening Room is inviting interest from artists, who enjoy working in this manner, and are available. You are invited to contact The Listening Room, and a discussion of possibilities can happen when there is a critical mass.

This is more than a workshop.

History: Jigsaw.
Started its life as “Combine” within the stable of activities, and there was one performance/concerts featuring, John Zorn’s Cobra, Live Paint/Music (Takahashi’s Shellfish concern) and dance/music duo Dave Birchall: Bekke Platt, despite being a successful event Combine failed to become an ongoing format within so Phil Morton is re-launching this concept.

  1. There are two routes Jigsaw can take,
    The “company” approach, three different pieces featuring performed by the one group or company
  2. Or the concerts format, three very different pieces delivered by three different sets of artists (as in Combine #1 )

Jigsaw wordpress Blog Link

The starting point is a contact list, further discussion can evolve when there is a critical mass.

What happens next: contact Phil Morton,
Mobile: 07999518582
Join the list, here: - jigsaw

Jigsaw : bringing the pieces together

*Jigsaw Temporary name?

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