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Triptych: Eric Wilson

Is a soundscape driven deposition by Eric Wilson.
Eric Wilson eschews the notion of composition, and so to acknowledge that this document has some common features it shares with the aforesaid notion, that is a composition, he refers to it as a “Deposition”.

The piece has three elements. The piece has three roles.
They are:
1) Backgrounds
2) Signals
3) Conversations.

This “deposition” is a result of an interview between Eric Wilson and the head of audiology @ the Liverpool Royal Infirmary Hospital during the year 1998, this male stated as a fact that every “soundscape*” is made up of three elements, background, signals & conversations. The composition Triptych will therefore, direct and instruct the participating musicians to act, perform the roles of “background, signal and conversation” using sound and/or music.

The artists:
6 – 8 Musicians. However the “rehearsal” of the piece may develop a firmer view re numbers, therefore musicians count is to be confirmed after experience.
The piece could be opened up to include other art forms.

What happens next?
At least one rehearsal before a performance.

For more information: to put your name forward,
contact Phil Morton, project manager for Eric Wilson. / 07999518582

management style : praxis : triptych
host organisation: Listening Room

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Eric Wilson adds

· It is also noted by Eric Wilson that the term “Soundscape” has lost any value through its misuse and wanton abduction by people known as “Sound artists” who are usually just “rock” musicians seeking funding from the Arts Council of England. You may hear him turning in his metaphorical grave, slowly. In effect any sound-environment” could be described as a “Soundscape” says Eric, “but it seems a musician only needs to use a reverb unit, or play A minor ninth for 3 days “quietly” for the piece to become a soundscape. The ears boggle!”

Phil Morton adds
Try to ignore EW's rant, this is a good piece.

phil morton
p.p. Eric Wilson

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